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Top Lawn Proudly Serves the Milford Area

Welcome to the Village of Milford! Milford Village is 2.5 square miles located in southwest Oakland County. Small in nature, there is still plenty to do and see. When people think of Milford, they typically think of two things, General Motors and Kensington Park, and for a good reason. Both are vastly large, and both are incredibly well-known. We’ve provided you with basic information on each below and what makes them so unique.

Lawn Care in Milford

In the Village of Milford, you can enjoy the country life while living on the outer edges of Metro Detroit. With Kensington Metropark, Camp Dearborn, and many other parks nearby, you can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities less than 15 minutes from your home. Top Lawn has been serving Milford for over 20 years and is a trusted local source of lawn care in this area. We are committed to serve our community as a company that is reliable, accountable, and personable. This is reflected in our excellent quality of work and customer service.

Customizable Lawn Care Packages

Understanding how to combine products to improve the health of your lawn is time-consuming and confusing with so much different and contradicting advice. Our expert lawn specialists can determine exactly what your lawn needs to make it shine. We have your back with lake-safe products that help your lawn flourish while also protecting the surrounding waterways.

With all of our lawn care packages, you can expect:

  • Inspection and analysis of your lawn by our knowledgeable lawn care technicians.
  • Tailored lawn fertilization applications specific to your turf’s needs.
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass and targeted post-emergent weed control.
  • Free service calls.
  • Full-season grub control.
  • And more!

Lawn Aeration for Healthy and Happy Turf

Compacted soil may be the culprit if your lawn is thinning and looking limp and lifeless despite rigorous maintenance protocols. Other signs include water puddling and bare spots where not even weeds will grow. To loosen your soil and revive your grass, Top Lawn offers core aeration services in the spring and fall, removing plugs of grass to allow nutrients and oxygen to reach grass roots.

Other benefits of lawn aeration in Milford include:

  • Breakup of lawn thatch.
  • Improved water penetration, leading to elimination of puddles.
  • Healthier turf through better growth of grassroots in the newly loosened soil.
  • Increased resistance to disease, pests and drought.

Available Organic Lawn Fertilization in Milford

With the increased demand for organic lawn care, we have developed an organic and natural lawn fertilization program to serve those interested in maintaining a lush and vibrant lawn without artificial chemicals. We rely on all-natural based products and proper lawn care to foster healthy, but weed-free turf. Our Zero Pesticide option is completely organic, while our Standard and Deluxe organic programs use pesticides and weed control chemicals as required to support your lawn only with your permission.

Protect Your Valuable Trees and Shrubs

Ornamentals are what differentiate your landscaping from your neighbors and you may think that they don’t need any extra care. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The care they need to thrive is different from what your lawn requires. The professionals at Top Lawn will design a custom tree and shrub care plan that will allow them to stay healthy and flourish.

Our tree and shrub care services in Milford include:

  • Deep root feedings in the spring and fall for enhanced growth and disease resistance.
  • Leaf sprays in early and late spring to control insects and diseases.
  • Dormant oil treatments to prevent overwintering insects from hatching.
  • Winter moisture loss prevention with a protective evergreen spray.
  • And more!

Use Perimeter Pest Control to Keep Bugs Out

Given the country feel of our village, it seems like there are insects everywhere. Our perimeter pest control is designed to keep insects outside your home, where they belong. Applied every 4-5 weeks from spring until pests go dormant in the fall, our experienced technicians create 6-8 foot wide barriers around your home and at its foundation that insects won’t cross. In addition, using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we advise of steps you can take to reduce pesticide use through preventative methods and products.

Your home will be protected from the entry of pests, such as:

  • Ants
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Centipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Millipedes
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • And more!

We Offer Effective Flea and Tick Control

Rather than relying on flea and tick treatments for your 4-footed friends that don’t protect you, both our perimeter pest control and our summer insect control are highly effective against fleas and ticks. Either will give you a summer free of these disease laden insects.

In addition to the protection offered by our insect control programs, you can minimize your family’s exposure to these insects by:

  • Mowing your lawn regularly.
  • Pulling weeds and trimming tall grass.
  • Removing lawn debris.
  • Keep shrubs and trees away from your home and trim them as needed.

Are you ready to trust us to care for your property? Contact Milford’s premier local lawn care company today for all of your lawn care needs!

Some of the Services We Provide in Milford

Image of Pest Control

Pest Control

Protect your family and pets from unwanted pests with Top Lawn's perimeter pest control applications.

Image of Flea and Tick Control

Flea and Tick Control

Prevent flea and tick infestations in Commerce, Michigan with Top Lawn’s superior lawn care and pest control services.

Image of Liquid Aeration

Liquid Aeration

Reduce thatch and soil compaction in Commerce, Michigan, with Top Lawn’s superior lawn care services.

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