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Walled Lake


Lawn Care in Walled Lake

Living in Walled Lake has a lot of advantages, like getting to enjoy lots of time outside in the spring and summer enjoying your own backyard. If your lawn is looking dull and patchy or is full of pests, you won’t want to spend time entertaining or relaxing outside. Thankfully, the local lawn care specialists from Top Lawn are here to help. With our wide variety of lawn, pest, and plant care services and over 50 years of experience, we have everything you need to keep your lawn in top shape. 

Lawn Care Services in Walled Lake

Caring for your Walled Lake lawn involves much more than mowing once a week. Our lawns get a lot of use over time, and everything from the weather conditions, the weeds that can crop up, and the pests that may be crawling around your grass plants can seriously damage your yard. But you don’t have to stress about managing it all on your own when you partner with the Walled Lake lawn care pros from Top Lawn. We have an array of lawn care packages tailored to the common grass types, pests, and climate of Eastern Michigan. Whatever type of nourishment or attention your lawn needs, we can help.

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Lawn Fertilization in Walled Lake

Organic Lawn Fertilization

Our lawns need regular nourishment in order to help them grow strong and robust and stay vibrantly green. The specific nutrients your lawn needs, however, depend on the type of soil and grass plants present. Our specially trained technicians can assess your yard to determine the best type of fertilizers to boost your lawn’s health and appearance. Each of our lawn fertilization packages also includes herbicides and pre-emergent weed control to keep broadleaf weeds and crabgrass in check. 

One of the best parts of working with the local lawn fertilization experts from Top Lawn is that you have options. In addition to our standard lawn fertilization programs, we also offer organic lawn fertilization applications to suit your unique preferences. If you’d prefer to avoid the use of chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers in your yard, one of our organic lawn care options is just the thing for you. 

Lawn Aeration in Walled Lake

Over time, the soil in your Walled Lake lawn can become dense and compacted from foot traffic and an excess buildup of thatch. This compaction can lead to water puddles, spongy-feeling grass, and thin, patchy, or discolored areas. If you’ve noticed signs like these in your yard, it’s time to call the Walled Lake lawn aeration specialists from Top Lawn. Our aeration process works by removing small plugs of soil and spreading them throughout out your lawn to help break up the soil and thatch layers. 

Just a few benefits of having your lawn aeration in Walled Lake include: 

  • Increasing airflow and sunlight access to your grass plant’s roots.
  • Improving the effectiveness of fertilizer applications and watering. 
  • Creating more room in your lawn for grass plants and decreasing the frequency of weeds.
  • Encouraging stronger root growth and a healthier, more beautiful lawn. 

Pest Control in Walled Lake

The presence of pests like worms, ants, and mosquitos can make enjoying relaxing in your own backyard difficult. Not only can these troublesome pests cause annoying, itchy bites, they can also damage the health of your lawn. Other pests such as spiders, mites, and crickets like to make their way into your home. When pests threaten you and your family, the local pest control professionals from Top Lawn are here to help. Our perimeter pest control and summer insect control programs can help protect you and your family from these pests. We also offer full-season, comprehensive outdoor pest control with our Top Guard Programs, which covers all of the most common Eastern Michigan pests.

Flea and Tick Control in Walled Lake

Some of the worst pests any homeowner can deal with are fleas and ticks. These problematic bugs can bite you, your loved ones, and your pets, passing on potentially serious health problems and diseases such as: 

  • Lyme disease
  • Tapeworms
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Cat scratch disease
  • Tularemia
  • Flea-borne typhus
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

If you’d like to prevent fleas and ticks from affecting you and your family, be sure to contact the Walled Lake flea and tick control experts at Top Lawn. Our Perimeter Pest Control program creates a six to eight foot protective barrier around your home, as well as an insect spray band directly applied to the foundation to help prevent these pests from entering your house. In addition, our Summer Insect Control Program to keep ticks and fleas from populating your lawn. 

Some of the Services We Provide in Walled Lake

Image of Grub Control

Grub Control

Get grub control with Top Lawn out of Commerce, Michigan and never worry about those pesky bugs again.

Image of Pest Control

Pest Control

Protect your family and pets from unwanted pests with Top Lawn's perimeter pest control applications.

Image of Flea and Tick Control

Flea and Tick Control

Prevent flea and tick infestations in Commerce, Michigan with Top Lawn’s superior lawn care and pest control services.

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