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West Bloomfield

Lawn Care in West Bloomfield

Known for its high-end, upscale homes and well-sought-after school districts, West Bloomfield’s residents and businesses want only the best and most exceptional service in lawn care. And with Top Lawn, that is exactly what you will receive. We’ve been providing lawn care and landscaping services to the community of West Bloomfield for over 20 years, creating healthy, attractive landscapes and clean, well-manicured lawns.

Comprehensive Lawn Fertilization Packages

Creating a beautiful lawn starts with fertilization, and Top Lawn is no stranger to this task. Our custom lawn fertilization programs each contain seven lawn care applications full of a unique blend of nutrients designed to ensure the health and durability of your grass. They also contain herbicides and pre-emergents to control obnoxious crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds. Because all yards are different and each has its own specialized needs, we’ve developed several different lawn care packages.

Each lawn care package contains:

  • Lawn inspection and analysis 
  • Targeted weed control, including pre-emergent for crabgrass
  • Full-season grub control
  • Free service calls

Organic Lawn Fertilization 

Unlike many of our local competitors, we offer a non-synthetic alternative for lawn fertilization. Our two organic lawn fertilization programs contain an organic-based granular turf builder fertilizer for maximum health and sustainability. Our standard/deluxe organic program offers occasional weed control as needed for pesky invaders such as dandelions. Our true pesticide-free option is an organic-based service offering the same quality fertilizer but without the use of weed, insect, or disease control. 

Bring Your Turf Back to Life With Lawn Aeration

Here in West Bloomfield, we enjoy our short but beautiful summers to the fullest. That means a lot of time spent outdoors on our lawns, hosting barbeques, playing games, and entertaining. All of this use can impact the condition of your grass. Over time, your soil can become compacted, reducing the amount of water, oxygen, nutrients, and sunlight that reaches your root system. When this occurs, roots become dehydrated, malnourished, and eventually die

If you believe your lawn is suffering from soil compaction, Top Lawn has a solution. Our lawn aeration process can help bring your turf back to life. Offered in spring and fall, lawn aeration has tremendous benefits.

Our lawn aeration services in West Bloomfield include:

  • Stronger, healthier roots
  • Reduction in thatch build-up
  • Thicker, fuller grass
  • Increase in nutrient absorption
  • Less run off
  • An overall healthier lawn

Don’t live with tired-looking grass any longer. Give us a call and learn more about Top Lawn’s lawn aeration service. 

Protect Your Lawn Decor With Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs create a backdrop for any landscape, increasing curb appeal, blocking sound and air pollution, and creating a sense of peace and tranquility. Like your grass, they too require upkeep and maintenance to remain healthy and strong. Keep your lawn ornaments in prime condition with Top Lawn’s tree and shrub care service.

Our tree and shrub care services in West Bloomfield include: 

  • Spring and fall deep root fertilization to enhance root development and increase disease resistance
  • Early and late spring leaf spray to protect against pests
  • Dormant oil to help protect from damaging insects and disease
  • Evergreen protection spray

Put Insects in Their Place With Perimeter Pest Control

With our small and medium-sized lakes and various wetlands scattered throughout West Bloomfield, we often become a magnet for insects. But pests are no match for Top Lawn’s pest control services. Our perimeter pest control places a wall around your home preventing insects such as mites, spiders, crickets, and earwigs from gaining access. It includes a series of five treatments applied every four to six weeks. 

Invest in Effective Flea and Tick Control

Don’t let the threat of fleas and ticks keep you inside each summer. We can put these disease-carrying pests in their place. Top Lawn’s highly effective perimeter pest control and summer insect control prevent and eliminate fleas and ticks

Some of the Services We Provide in West Bloomfield

Image of Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care

Count on our tree and shrub care program to protect these valuable assets while allowing them to thrive and grow.

Image of Pest Control

Pest Control

Protect your family and pets from unwanted pests with Top Lawn's perimeter pest control applications.

Image of Top Guard

Top Guard

Pests invading your space in Commerce, Michigan? Top Lawn offers three different Top Guard programs to prevent and eliminate pests.

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