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Top Lawn Offers a Wide Variety of Grub Control Services

Top Lawn has been committed to providing our customers with high-quality service since 2001. We are a locally owned and operated business located in Commerce and Auburn Hills, and we treat every lawn that we care for as if it were our own. Here in Michigan, grubs are a significant problem for homeowners and cause devastating damage to your lawn.

Before your lawn and hard work become a grub’s next lunch, call the people who know best at Top Lawn. Our grub control treatment is included as part of our lawn care fertilization program. Careful planning in the cycle with the seasons, combined with our solid lawn treatment program, will ensure your lawn is a strong, healthy, and vibrant green.

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Why Grub Control?

Lawn grubs are one of the most damaging types of lawn insects. The immature form of scarab beetles, they lay their eggs in the lawn, and bury them deep in the soil. When the eggs hatch in the spring or summer, hungry grubs tunnel just below the surface and feed on your lawn’s roots. This causes patches and irregularly shaped bare areas. Grubs often lay waste to large areas, ruining a substantial amount of green space, which can end up requiring a considerable amount of renovation and restoration.

Signs Your Lawn Has Grubs

  • Irregular, brown patches appearing in random spots on your lawn
  • Soft, spongy grass that pulls up easily
  • An increase in activity of raccoons, moles, and birds digging in your turf
  • Grub sightings

Grubs live under your lawn’s surface and are often hard to spot. If you notice any of the above symptoms, either use a shovel to dig up a section of the grass where you believe the grubs to be, or give us a call and we can come out for an inspection. Don’t let grubs ruin the yard of your dreams, allow Top Lawn to help.

We Also Offer Other Pest Control Solutions, Including the Following:

For more information on our pest control services, visit our page on pest control.

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