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Flea bites are annoying but they can also cause discomfort and illness.  You should be able to enjoy your yard without worrying about your family and pets  health.  Request service today and Top Lawn will help you reduce the populations of fleas and ticks around your home. Locally owned and family operated since 2001. 


Flea and Tick Control


With warm Michigan spring weather comes more than just fresh green grass and blooming flowers. Fleas and ticks are very present in Michigan. Not only do they cause skin irritation to you or your pet when they bite, but they also carry disease that affect both human and canine. 

Fleas are very irritating, almost invisible creatures that can cause discomfort to you and your pets, and they carry tapeworms. Ticks are ugly little bugs that are seen quite frequently in Michigan. Ticks crawl onto you or your pet and attach themselves, all the while feeding directly from the bloodstream. Once a tick is attached, they can transmit disease directly into the bloodstream. Ticks carry several different types of diseases.

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