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When spring hits Michigan, it doesn’t just bring along with it fresh grass and blooming flowers. It also delivers with it, those annoying and dangerous disease-carrying fleas and ticks. An infestation of one of these pests is not only irritating and challenging to get rid of, but they also carry diseases like dermatitis, bartonellosis (cat scratch fever), Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were over 600,000 cases of diseases spread by these tiny pests in the United States from 2004 – 2006.


Perimeter Pest Control and Summer Insect Control

Top Lawn’s Perimeter Pest Control and Summer Insect Control both prevent and eliminate fleas and ticks. Our Perimeter Pest Control includes a series of up to five treatments applied every four to six weeks and encompasses a six to eight-foot-wide area around the outside of your home. Top Lawn will also administer an insect spray band to the surrounding foundation, cracks, and crevices to help keep insects out. This is a great way to control insects without having insecticides inside your house where you eat, sleep, and play. Its protective shield will protect your home from being invaded by these sabotaging intruders. Top Lawn’s Summer Insect Control can help eliminate and prevent fleas and ticks from destroying your grass, plants, and outdoor landscape.

Don’t Let Fleas and Ticks Take Over Your Property!

You should be able to enjoy your yard without worrying about the health of your family and pets. Keeping fleas and ticks from establishing themselves in your yard is the key to prevention. There are plenty of flea and tick control products out there that will help you prevent these critters from taking over, but they are persistent. There are other measures you can take to help prevent a flea or tick infestation, and a few of these include:

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