Happy, Healthy Greenery

Trees and shrubs contribute to the overall value of your home. Protect your investment with professional tree and shrub care treatments from Top Lawn. With over 60 years of combined experience, we can help insure that you'll enjoy a healthy landscape for years to come.

Your trees and shrubs will maintain a strong, healthy, and vigorous root development and receive protection from harmful insect and disease problems that can damage their appearance and their chances of survival.

Count on our tree and shrub program to feed your trees and shrubs with the proper nutrients.


Consistent, Professional and Effective

Keep your shrubs and trees in optimal condition with our treatments that offer a balanced diet of nutrients and the means to keep insects and disease at bay. Look no further for proper protection at an affordable price.​


Help Evergreens Survive Tough Winter Conditions!

Evergreens never go completely dormant, this leaves them open to a type of winter damage known as “winter kill.” The damage usually isn’t discovered until the following spring when temperatures rise and the plant leaves begin to brown and curl as they grow.

Our "Evergreen Protection” spray provides a protective coating for your evergreens.


Spot-on Treatment

•  Dormant oil spray

 •  Spring and fall deep root feeding

 •  Early and late spring leaf spray

 •  Early and late summer leaf spray

 •  Protection from damaging insects

     and destructive diseases​​​